Your memories are precious possessions that deserve only the most dependable group of people handling them.  Our wedding photo albums are the perfect keepsake of your special day, combining outstanding elements and customized ideas in a single package. Considering that they will be shown in front of friends, family members, and wedding party members, they should be made to last. With our wedding album design services, you may choose among superior and stunning album page qualities for transforming your memories into tangible keepsakes.

Taking a look back at a memory reminds us of how much we’ve evolved as people over time. We’ve also changed our memory-keeping methods. I’m sure we all remember our parents’ wedding albums. Do you know how the album was made by inserting every picture into the space provided on stage pictures and other “posed” photos? Just as our memories change over time, so do our methods of storing them. When it comes to the advancement of printing and design technologies today’s albums are more like coffee table books and can tell quite a different kind of story.

Sorting through wedding pictures

A wedding photographer with considerable experience can easily make this wedding photo selecting procedure easier for his/her couple. Because album sales are directly proportionate to how well a wedding photographer guides their couple, I highly urge that they do so. Moreover, when a photographer is sorting out images for a customer, he/she is already imagining the wedding album design in their head, which contributes to a more gripping album design.

Make the couple a part of the decision

Not that I’m trying to impress anyone, but I do want to point out how important it is for a wedding photographer to do the preliminary groundwork of categorizing wedding pictures to create a stunning wedding album! However, the couple must always have a say. Make it easier for them by giving them two different sets, one that is pre-sorted by you, the photographer, and one that contains all of them. By default, the couple will choose the pre-sorted version and will thank you for it! A good way to do this is to ask them to divide their wedding photos into three groups. The wedding pictures they are in love with, the photos they enjoy but aren’t that important enough to be included in the album, and the wedding pictures that have been completely rejected.

It’s then time to go through it all with the couple and come up with a final list of final wedding images. The most important thing to remember is to be genuinely interested in creating the best possible wedding album for your couple. There’s a good chance if you’re not, you’ll lose all future referral business from that couple.

Keep in mind that it is all about you and your story.

That is, after all, the purpose of a wedding album. Every time you go through it, it reminds you of your story. You get to choose exactly who to include in the wedding album design, as well as what you want to include. The most tricky part of the project is the photo curation and the narrative flow. As tempting as it is to select everything, try to limit yourself to only selecting the pictures that you love (you can ignore all the nosey relatives you don’t like).

Following the selection of photographs, the next step is to decide how many images to put on each page, in what order, and priority. The trick is to look at each picture separately and as a part of the overall wedding album design.

Contrast and action-reaction combinations are two of our favorite storytelling tricks. For us, it’s the most effective way of capturing a memorable moment without written text or spoken words. For example, you’re dancing and your fiancĂ©e is cheering you on, or you’re leaving after vidaai and your parents are sobbing at your departure.

It should be centered on YOU.

Of course, you’ll run into a few problems when deciding which people and things should be included or excluded, but here’s a little something to get you started:

It’s no longer necessary to take stage pictures or include everyone. Instead of focusing on strangers, choose the photos in which you look the best. Put more emphasis on your ceremonies, traditions & moments rather than random people and choose the pictures where you look best. This does not mean that you should not have group photos in your album. Instead, choose those which include the people closest to you and can enhance the story rather than just include them for the sake of it.

Less is more in this case.

Because Indian weddings have a lot of functions and everything needs to be included in the album, pick your photos thoughtfully. Along with selecting the images, you’ll want to consider how they’ll be laid out on each page and how they’ll be arranged.

Make sure your album isn’t disorganized and cluttered with too many pictures per page. For a more interesting look, try using 2-6 pictures per spread and using different layouts. Instead of a large-format couple photo spread, alternate it with one that has more pictures of a ceremony/ritual

Album size and paper quality

If you look around, you’ll notice that albums come in a variety of sizes. Sizes ranging from 8×8 to 12×12, for example. Clients frequently request 11×14-inch photo albums. However, you must first decide on the size of your album. The price is determined by the size of the wedding album or photo book you select. 

It’s important to decide on the type of paper for your album before deciding on the design. Depending on your preference, you can use matte or glossy paper. A matte-paper album is more visually appealing and resistant to fingerprints. Although this type of paper gives your album a non-glossy, non-vibrant appearance, it is one of the most popular among photographers as it looks extremely chic and classy. Glossy album paper gives your album a lustrous sheen and makes it appear more vibrant and lively.

Glossy paper, on the other hand, is prone to fingerprints. Lustre paper is also an option for your Indian wedding album design in addition to glossy and matte papers. It’s a cross between glossy and matte paper. That said, whatever paper you choose, should bring out the true essence of your album.

The layout of the wedding album design

You can begin creating a masterpiece for your couple once you have all of the approved wedding images. Remember that as a photographer, you should treat each album as a work of art. If you want to stand out from the crowd as a wedding photographer, you’ll need more than one masterpiece. When you sit down in front of your computer to begin work on a wedding album, remember how special the day was for your couple and how you can tell the best story possible through your images in their wedding album design by telling the best story you captured with your camera. Be sure to keep the album design simple but visually appealing, with multiple images per page and drop shadows among other elements of design. You should pay close attention to your design so it still looks fresh on their silver anniversary, and make it timeless!

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