Is a pre wedding shoot necessary?

Do we even need a pre wedding shoot? Are we those kinds of cheesy, lovey-dovey people? The answer is a big fat YES! It doesn’t have to be cheesy or cringy. It doesn’t have to be you and your partner, smelling flowers and running around in the woods in slow motion. Your pre wedding shoot […]

What is candid wedding photography?

Candid wedding photography is a non-intrusive approach to capturing the true essence of your wedding. Candid wedding photography is the art of capturing people when they are unaware of being photographed. As a result, the word ‘candid wedding photography’ came into play. Photographers take photos without setting up a scene. As a consequence, it seems […]

Couple Poses for Indian Wedding Photoshoot + FREE Posing cheat sheet

Honestly, if anyone randomly comes up to me and tells me that they want to click a picture of me just by myself, I would have an internal panic attack. That is how awkward I am when it comes to getting pictures clicked. This blog will be a complete “I’ve got your back sister/brother” for […]

How to fit a bridal photoshoot and couple photoshoot into the crunched timelines of Indian weddings

It doesn’t even matter if you are an Indian wedding photographer or not if you have ever been to any Indian wedding, you would know how gigantic and over the top they can get. It is not a very private affair. There are at least a thousand people involved who are not the bride and […]

What to wear for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

So your wedding dates are finalized, you have started looking for venues and vendors early on to make up for the overwhelming feeling of actually planning a wedding? Have your friends and relatives started recommending all kinds of wedding hacks and tips that more often than not they have discovered after their wedding? Let me […]