There are weddings, and then there are Indian weddings. Anyone born and brought up in India knows the reason why they are called Big Fat Indian Weddings. It requires months and months of planning to make an Indian wedding come to life. The name of the Hindu Panchang, according to popular online Hindu sources, is “Drik Panchang.” Here is the complete list of marriage dates in 2022 with detailed timings and Muhurats for people looking for Hindu wedding dates in 2022.

If you’re planning a wedding, you already know that the road from saying “yes” to saying “I do” is filled with countless challenging tasks, not to mention finding the perfect date that works for everyone! Even though Indian weddings have changed dramatically since 2020, the fundamental pillars of rituals and traditions remain as significant as ever.

Weddings are one of the most joyous and significant times in one’s life. Planning a wedding is essential for a happy D-day, from selecting your decorator to settling on a photographer. The question of “Which day will be the “Shubh Muhurat?” stays at the top of the checklist. Choosing a wedding date will not only usher in new beginnings, but it will also usher in the reunification of two families. As a result, finding the ideal wedding date becomes critical.

We are aware that the pandemic has curtailed celebrations, and we are uncertain about the future. If you are the type of couple that wants to start planning their “Shubh Mangal Vivah” right now, we’ve got you covered with our 2022 wedding calendar containing the best. Let’s get ready for the wedding season ahead of us, keeping all of the highs and lows in mind.

If you’re thinking about planning a wedding in 2022, keep these auspicious Hindu marriage dates in 2022 in mind as you start planning your dream wedding.

Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates in 2022 at a glance

January: 15th (Saturday), 20th (Thursday), 23rd (Sunday), 27th (Thursday), 28th (Friday), 29th (Saturday)

February: 5th (Saturday), 11th (Friday), 18th (Friday), 21st (Monday), 22nd (Tuesday)

March: 4th (Friday)

April: 17th (Sunday), 19th (Tuesday), 21st (Thursday), 22nd (Friday), 23rd (Saturday), 28th (Thursday)

May: 2nd (Monday), 3rd (Tuesday), 9th (Monday), 10th (Tuesday), 11th (Wednesday), 12th (Thursday), 13th (Friday), 17th (Tuesday), 18th (Wednesday), 20th (Friday), 25th (Wednesday), 26th (Thursday), 31st (Tuesday)

June: 6th (Monday), 8th (Wednesday), 11th (Saturday), 12th (Sunday), 13th (Monday), 14th (Tuesday), 15th (Wednesday), 16th (Thursday), 21st (Tuesday), 22nd (Wednesday)

July: 3rd (Sunday), 5th (Tuesday), 6th (Wednesday), 8th (Friday)

August: No Muhurat

September: No Muhurat

October: No Muhurat

November: 4th (Friday), 21st (Monday), 24th (Thursday), 25th (Friday), 27th (Sunday)

December: 2nd (Friday), 7th (Wednesday), 8th (Thursday), 9th (Friday), 14th (Wednesday)

Start making your dream wedding list now that you have the list of the best marriage dates of 2022. These wedding dates in 2022 will bring good fortune to the couple and their families as they embark on their new lives and take the first step toward something more permanent. While many couples have postponed or canceled their weddings owing to the pandemic, we have seen imaginative and artistic ways for couples to tie the knot despite the global pandemic.

Which wedding date in 2022 will you choose for your dream wedding? Are you still daydreaming about a big fat Indian wedding, or are you happier with the idea of a small intimate wedding? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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